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Welcome to Project Ocasta
Here for people like you hoping to grow your knowledge and skills while changing the world.
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Find people like you!
Each person is placed in a different group based on their skills and interests. You will be able to work on large team projects while contributing what you are best at.
Work in Production
Learning to do things in production is important for any future career. You will be able to work with other members to build a production ready project.
Web and Open Source
Everything we do is done on the web. All our work is open source and accessible to everyone. Open source is a great way to learn new technologies and share your work with the world.
Getting feedback is a great way to improve your skills as you will learn about new things that you didn't think about before! Using open-sourcing we can connect you to users all over the world!
Distribution and Collaboration
Distributing work among other members and collaborating with people of different skill sets will give you the opportunity to create your vision.
Work at your Pace
There will always be need for easy solutions and you can work up the ranks at your own speed.
Find your Future
If you aren't sure what you are best at still feel free to join us! We can try to find somthing for you! The more people the better!